CSI: Miami

S03E23 Whacked


CSI: Miami S03E23 Whacked (10.12.2006)
David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez
iMDB Rating7.2 / 10


The Florida High Court gives serial killer Ken 'Axe-man' Kramer a stay of execution because his conviction rests on DNA evidence, like the one more recently messed up by Valera; the investigation is reopened, only DNA goes to an external bureau. CSI soon realizes other evidence was overlooked or ignored, which clearly indicates Ken must have had an accomplice, but he refuses to cooperate. Caine guesses right the cahoot isn't done yet; DNA indicates it should be a male relative, but how can he be found? Calleigh and Ryan discover the paper-clippings in his cell, or rather the backsides, report his 'work' with various weapons and MO. Eric, who emotionally resents the questioning of his dead friend's work (the "Axe-Man" was Speedle's case), cleverly finds a link between all victims' crime scenes which leads to a logical suspect's arrest, and a dramatical reaction from Ken...

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CSI: Miami S03E23 Whacked (10.12.2006)