S03E20 Exit Strategy


Charmed S03E20 Exit Strategy (03.05.2001)
Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


When the evil leader Raynor knocks Cole out by surprise at the brotherhood's, he scans his humans half's 'infection' with Love. Brother Tarkin wants too kill him, but Raynor decides to use his unique knowledge about the sisters, they just need to turn him back into evil Balthazor and break his love connection. Therefore he orders Cole to get the two halves of a protective amulet and kills the witches himself to make the sisters doubt him; and he has more tricks up his sleeve, in fact no price is too high...

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Charmed S03E20 Exit Strategy (03.05.2001)