S05E09 Sam I Am


Charmed S05E09 Sam I Am (17.11.2002)
Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


Paige keeps dumping perfectly good boy friends, even funny, charming, gorgeous hunk [Eric Winter!] Trevor; Leo announces the elders finally give her a charge: a lost good soul named Samuel, who she must find on her own, and soon they do- he's an unappetizing drunk. After Cole vanquishes two violent robbers who shoot at him in a bar, Phoebe tells him coldly she'll vanquish him if he kills another human, the Avatars of Force and Power tell him it's only a matter of time till he joins their rare kind, which is both good and evil, in establishing an inedited rule over earth. Piper auditions magical nannies, not easy during demonic attacks, such as a black lighter's arrow shooting Samuel. Piper and Phoebe recognize Sam: their mom's forbidden lover and Paige's father, white lighter Sam Wilder, who has however given up magic and is unwilling to have anything to do with the girls, still fearing he is bad news. The attacker, tracker demon Ronan, reports to Cole, who regenerates his arm and ...

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Charmed S05E09 Sam I Am (17.11.2002)