S03E20 The One with the Dollhouse


Friends S03E20 The One with the Dollhouse (10.04.1997)
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


Kate is the first woman Joey liked who doesn't like him back. Monica's and Ross' aunt Sylvia died and Monica inherits the dollhouse with which she was never allowed to play. Monica invites Phoebe to play with the dollhouse but doesn't let her play anymore when Phoebe brings out a dinosaur, a giant dog and a ghost. Phoebe makes her own dollhouse which is way cooler than Monica's. Chandler has a date with Rachel's boss Joanna and finds her really dull and boring. Joanna thinks they have chemistry and loves Rachel for introducing her to Chandler. Joey and Kate are together after rehearsing their scenes. Chandler doesn't want to call Joanna again but Rachel forces him because Joanna is driving her crazy asking about Chandler. Phoebe's dollhouse catches fire and is burned down. Kate doesn't want to be with Joey. Chandler doesn't have the courage to tell Joanna he doesn't want to see her again.

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Friends S03E20 The One with the Dollhouse (10.04.1997)