S01E06 A Fishful of Dollars


Futurama S01E06 A Fishful of Dollars (27.04.1999)
Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio
iMDB Rating8.5 / 10


Dream advertisements inspire Fry to go shopping, but he has insufficient funds. After visiting the bank, Fry finds out his bank account's interest has made him a billionaire. He goes on a spree, buying items that remind him of the 1990s. When discovers that he can't order anchovies on his pizza because of their extinction, he visits an auction that has them on the block. Fry outbids Mom, who believes he's going to use them to make extremely cheap robot oil. Using Pamela Anderson, she sets up a plot to trick him into unveiling his account password. They rob him blind, only to discover Fry intends on eating them. And he would have too, if it weren't for the appetite of Dr. Zoidberg.

Ver Online #S1S2

Futurama S01E06 A Fishful of Dollars (27.04.1999)