S01E07 Counterfeit Reality


Numb3rs S01E07 Counterfeit Reality (12.05.2006)
Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


When FBI agent Don Eppes finds several murders are linked to counterfeiting, his mathematically genial brother Charlie uses his skills to do what other investigating methods -as used by Agent Kim Hall, Don's colleague and ex in his Albuquerque days, a blank chapter in his past for Charlie- failed to, locate the forging and identify who did the graphical artwork required for his old-fashioned, relatively hard to detect fakes with real printing presses and watermark, not computer printing: it's a missing artist, who must be kidnapped and will probably by murdered as a liability for the counterfeiters...

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Numb3rs S01E07 Counterfeit Reality (12.05.2006)