S01E02 Uncertainty Principle


Numb3rs S01E02 Uncertainty Principle (14.04.2006)
Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


The bank-robbers known as 'Charmers', who pulled off 16 robberies without any violence, even courteous, are studied by Charlie, who correctly predicts their next place and time to hit, but Donny's SWAT team is caught in a shooting with casualties at both sides. Donny is lightly hit physically, but Charlie can't handle 'failing' and putting his brother in danger, feels guilty, says the equations are no longer valid because of the Heisenberg-principle (observation changes the phenomenon, and the smart robbers even realize it), but is unable to concentrate on anything else then an unrelated, impossible maths problem. Left to its own, Donny's team discovers the shot bank-robber wasn't bank-employed programmer Malcolm Stapleton as his ID says: the criminals, who probably have a military background, stole the real one's identity, after torturing and murdering him. Charlie snaps out of his escape-maths and realizes the robberies aren't about cash but even more valuable financial data...

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Numb3rs S01E02 Uncertainty Principle (14.04.2006)