Sex and the City

S04E17 A 'Vogue' Idea


Sex and the City S04E17 A 'Vogue' Idea (03.02.2002)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.3 / 10


Carrie presents her first free-lance article to the Vogue editors, who react completely differently: Enid barks it's simply 'her column', so 'not Vogue', but Julian takes to her - perhaps even too much. Richard says he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday but Samantha insists he picks a gift, and he chooses a threesome with a young waitress. When Miranda complains about getting things for her future baby, Charlotte - who is mourning her own motherhood ambition - offers to throw her a baby-shower but is instructed to keep it low-key, almost businesslike, without the usual baby theme.

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Sex and the City S04E17 A 'Vogue' Idea (03.02.2002)