Sex and the City

S04E14 All That Glitters


Sex and the City S04E14 All That Glitters (19.03.2005)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


The girls spend a hot night at the gay club Trade, dancing in a sea of bare-chest good-looking men. Carrie meets sexy, Australian shoe importer -wow!- Oliver Spencer, to Stanford's envy. Samantha gets so high on beefcake, XTC and naked dicks in the gents (no girls there) that she tells Richard during hot sex she loves him, but gets no response. Charlotte is presented in the club to Anthony's boyfriend Gordon, who works for 'House and Garden' magazine, and arranges for it to take pictures at her place, the house of a 'perfect couple' - but Trey's lack of interest for yet another thing that excites her pushes their relationship to effective separation. Miranda's pregnancy becomes known at her law firm when a young colleague Max means to defend so her dozing off, but they're overheard when she says to what it no more out then his being gay (as she saw him in Trade)- the next day they both come clean.

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Sex and the City S04E14 All That Glitters (19.03.2005)