Sex and the City

S03E06 Are We Sluts?


Sex and the City S03E06 Are We Sluts? (16.07.2000)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.6 / 10


Carrie can't understand why Aidan doesn't want to sleep with her, and then feels jaded when she finds out that Aidan doesn't go for sex for the old-fashioned reason he is still romantic. She wonders if modern Manhattan girls like her are just sluts, and is he serious, or, as Samantha suggests, becoming just a friend? Charlotte has a great lover, a gentle gentleman, with one flaw: without knowing it, he calls her a bitch and whore during sex; when she tells the poor boy, he's as horrified as she, and struck impotent. Miranda discovers she has chlamydia, so she calls all her 42 former partners, and Steve suffers an intimate test despite being monogamous. One of Samantha's countless dates accidentally allowed a violent robber into her posh building; as soon as the other tenants find out, she feels shunned...

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Sex and the City S03E06 Are We Sluts? (16.07.2000)