Sex and the City

S03E16 Frenemies


Sex and the City S03E16 Frenemies (01.10.2000)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


Miranda thinks she's been stood up until she finds out her date died of a heart attack. She agrees to go to the wake, where she meets a great guy who used to date Carrie, who warns Miranda he has a nasty side. When Charlotte tells her friends Trey is now sexually interested in her but still can't perform, Samantha convinces her it's a classical Madonna-whore complex. A meeting with Charlotte's sorority sisters has the frustrated Charlotte determined to transcend her prudish outlook. Samantha finds her sexual equal in a woman named Claire Ann, whose wild behavior shocks even Samantha. Carrie agrees to teach a class on dating at the local learning annex, only to realize she doesn't know as much as she thinks.

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Sex and the City S03E16 Frenemies (01.10.2000)