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Sex and the City

S04E18 I Heart NY


Sex and the City S04E18 I Heart NY (10.02.2002)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


Charlotte feels ready to date properly again, and has a lovely evening with divorced Eric, till he sees her (well, Trey's) apartment 'of the rich' and instantly considers them incompatible. Samantha sees Richard at lunch time with another woman, apologizes when he's coolly insulted by her insinuations, but still follows him, breaks in a hotel room and actually catches them for what he can just call 'only sex'. As Mr. Big is leaving New York indefinitely for a job in Napa, the Californian wine country, Carrie plans a glorious last day, gets ideal new shoes and has a romantic coach ride in Central Park- only to have it cut short by the news pregnant Miranda needs to go to hospital, where her water breaks right on Carries shoes. After the excitement about baby Brady, it's a big dip again as Big has already left, leaving her only a Mancini record and plain tickets in his empty apartment.

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Sex and the City S04E18 I Heart NY (10.02.2002)