Sex and the City

S03E02 Politically Erect


Sex and the City S03E02 Politically Erect (11.06.2000)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.6 / 10


Steve Brady wants to go steady exclusively with Miranda, but even without any contender she doesn't feel ready to decide- till he finds the magic word. After three weeks dating and joining the electoral campaign of city councilman Bill Kelley, Carrie starts to feel like a politician's wife; Charlotte stresses her political greenness, Sam the aphrodisiac value of power, Carrie the electoral value of fashion-sense. Sam is bluntly picked up at a bar by Wall Street hedge-man Jeff Fenton, but gets doubts when she sees how short he is. At a Kelley fund-raiser, continuing to look for a potential husband, Charlotte learns a lovely couple met at a party where each girl brought an ex she doesn't dig any more; Stanford asks Carrie to introduce him to Bill's hot young campaign manager Mark, but he's only into other hunks. At Charlotte's used dates party, the adventurer Greg Miller she liked is snapped back by his suddenly jealous ex; when Jeff realizes Sam intended to dump him, he dares her to ...

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Sex and the City S03E02 Politically Erect (11.06.2000)