Sex and the City

S04E16 Ring a Ding Ding


Sex and the City S04E16 Ring a Ding Ding (27.01.2002)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.5 / 10


Carrie has an opportunity to buy her apartment since it's going coop, but without her ex-fiancé Aidan can't get enough capital together, so she must consider a cheaper lifestyle; Miranda calculates she wasted some $40,000 on her shoe obsession. Samantha takes a Chanel bag and other luxury gifts from Richard as a declaration of love, till she realizes how impersonal the cards are. Charlotte wanted to get her wedding ring converted to a necklace, but the words 'melt it down' make her realize she's not that ready yet. Realizing her financial misery after seeing unaffordable apartments she wouldn't even want, Carrie considers accepting a loan from Big, but after Sam and Miranda say they would rather spring her themselves tears up his check. Charlotte takes a volunteer job in the museum, and Carrie, who can only get freelance work with Vogue, works her frustrations out on the rich girl, who tells her off to manage her own finances like an adult. Taking a bath in Richards apartment, Sam ...

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Sex and the City S04E16 Ring a Ding Ding (27.01.2002)