Sex and the City

S03E08 The Big Time


Sex and the City S03E08 The Big Time (30.07.2000)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


Charlotte is completely besotted with Trey, who she just met by accident but already considers him, her groom. At a chic boat party Charlotte presents him to Carry, who is already tired of the meeting by fate story and bumps into Mr. Big there, without Natasha- despite her living with Aidan they clearly miss each-other. Samantha, who just moved to the meat packing district, is invited by a much older new neighbor, Len; discovering her period is five days late, she gets drunk and accepts to go all the way, but then nature steps in. To Miranda's utter and sarcastically uttered surprise, Steve suggests they consider making a baby; they settle for the time on a puppy he would care for, but when that doesn't work out...

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Sex and the City S03E08 The Big Time (30.07.2000)