Sex and the City

S02E07 The Chicken Dance


Sex and the City S02E07 The Chicken Dance (18.07.1999)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


When Miranda's friend Jeremy Fields, a reporter in London who is often flirtatious in their e-emails, visits New York Miranda is happy to put him up - however he proves more flirtatious with a local friend of hers who just decorated her apartment, and at the farewell party she throws for him even announces their upcoming wedding! The friends have mixed feelings being invited, three of them rather commandeered in various capacities. Miranda feels the invisible woman, 'in charge' of the self-explicative guest-book; Sam feels her Manhattan life is ending when she realizes she slept with a man she already had some 15 years ago; Carrie goes from a high when Mr. Big accepts to accompany her to the wedding to hear her requested occasional poem to a low when he declines signing the card with their wedding gift and leaves during her recitation for a business call; bridesmaid Charlotte is tickled pink she finally may choose herself a gorgeous dress and team up with eligible best man Martin ...

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Sex and the City S02E07 The Chicken Dance (18.07.1999)