Sex and the City

S02E14 The Fuck Buddy


Sex and the City S02E14 The Fuck Buddy (05.09.1999)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis
iMDB Rating7.3 / 10


Carrie meets Miranda's ex Skipper, a sweet guy who is getting desperate as all women seem to turn him down in favor of jerks - like Kevin, the bossy colleague Miranda is dating right then. When she confesses this to her friends, this contradiction bugs her too. Sam declares monogamy fits none of them, as its high expectations are never met. To everyone's surprise, Charlotte takes that advice to the extreme, double-dating two fine men - till they find out and walk out on her together. After a few lonely weeks without Big, Carrie invites John, her dependable rebound-lover just-for-sex who always repairs her self-esteem, and wonders why she never tried committing to him, so the next time they actually go out for dinner, which only proves their conversation is as uninspiring as their sex is enjoyable; the following movie is their last date ever.

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Sex and the City S02E14 The Fuck Buddy (05.09.1999)