The Simpsons

S06E09 Homer Badman


The Simpsons S06E09 Homer Badman (27.11.1994)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating9.0 / 10


Homer and Marge hire college co-ed Ashley Grant to baby-sit the kids while they go to a candy convention. While driving Ashley home, Homer shows poor tact when he attempts to retrieve a piece of Gummy Venus that became stuck to the back of Ashley's pants. Things are blown way out of proportion when Ashley interprets Homer's innocent actions as a sexual advance, prompting her to mount a huge anti-harassment campaign against Homer. Several attempts to exonerate himself - most notably, a totally inaccurate segment on the tabloid TV show "Rock Bottom" - only make things worse. As the media coverage intensifies, his friends turn against him and his name becomes comedy fodder, Homer becomes resigned to his tarnished reputation. Finally, after Lisa produces a segment for a cable-access TV show (where Homer defends himself), Groundskeeper Willie finally produces evidence to exonerate the Simpson patriarch.

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The Simpsons S06E09 Homer Badman (27.11.1994)