The Simpsons

S13E03 Homer the Moe


The Simpsons S13E03 Homer the Moe (18.11.2001)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating7.2 / 10


On the advice of his old college professor Moe decides to better himself by turning his tavern into an up-market cocktail bar for the jet set. Homer and the old clientele feel left out so Homer turns his garage into a bar,even persuading R.E.M. to come and play. When Moe points out that Homer lacks an alcohol licence Homer claims his bar is a hunting club and vows to prove it by shooting a turkey. Lisa and Moe thwart his plan when Homer accidentally shoots Moe whilst out hunting but the tavern returns to normal and the family have a tofu turkey instead.

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The Simpsons S13E03 Homer the Moe (18.11.2001)