The Simpsons

S01E07 The Call of the Simpsons


The Simpsons S01E07 The Call of the Simpsons (18.02.1990)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


Ned Flanders shows off his newly purchased (and monstrous) motor home to the Simpsons. In a fit of oneupmanship, Homer decides he needs one too. Homer's credit is very poor, but he wants that motor home, so he buys one whose oil is leaking and appears to be held together by chicken wire and duct tape. With their new motor home, Homer takes the family on an outing in the woods. Homer quickly loses his way and everyone bails from the motor home just before it tumbles into a large ravine. The family is forced to rough it the rest of the way. Maggie becomes separated from the family and takes refuge with a family of bears. Meanwhile, Homer and Bart lose their clothing and have to wear leaves. Homer quickly falls into a stream and becomes covered with mud. A couple staying in the woods, concluding that what they've seen is Bigfoot, takes a picture of Homer and sends it to a TV station. Soon, the woods are crawling with media representatives, hoping to get their own glimpse. A park ranger ...

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The Simpsons S01E07 The Call of the Simpsons (18.02.1990)