South Park

S02E17 Gnomes


South Park S02E17 Gnomes (16.12.1998)
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman
iMDB Rating8.5 / 10


Facing termination for not teaching anything, Mr. Garrison tells the students they have to give a current events presentation before the school board to demonstrate what they've learned in his class. The boys get partnered with Tweek, the jumpy son of a local coffee shop owner, and go to his house to put together their report. Mr. Tweek suggests they present a report on how big chain coffee shops are pushing smaller shops out of business, and gives them a report he's already written for them. The town committee is won over by their impassioned plea to fight the coffee chains, and the boys soon find themselves in over their heads when they are called upon to give another speech in a debate with the CEO of Harbuck's coffee.

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South Park S02E17 Gnomes (16.12.1998)