Twin Peaks

S02E16 Episode #2.16


Twin Peaks S02E16 Episode #2.16 (16.02.1991)
Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


Cooper and Truman try to outline the moves left by Windom Earle by investigating more of his past. At the same time, Earle has Leo write a love poem and sends a piece to Audrey, Donna, and Shelly. Meanwhile, Andrew Packard reveals that he's alive to both Josie and Thomas Eckhardt to try to bring them to kill each other as part of Catherine's evil plans. Audrey meets a potential new beau in the form of John Justice Wheeler, a business associate who comes to town to help the newly sane Ben Horne thwart Catherine's development plans for Ghostwood Estates by holding a campaign to save the endangered Pine Weasel which resides on the development grounds. Shelly comes back to work at the Double R Diner, while Agent Rosenfield leaves town and persuades Cooper to arrest Josie before she plans to escape, while Truman arrests Hank for parole violation and attempting to kill Leo. But Hank reveals that he and Josie were the ones who conspired to murder Andrew Packard. Norma visits Hank before he's...

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Twin Peaks S02E16 Episode #2.16 (16.02.1991)