The X-Files

S02E02 The Host


The X-Files S02E02 The Host (23.09.1994)
David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


With the X Files still shut down, Mulder is re-assigned from wiretap monitoring to a murder investigation. He finds himself in the sewers of New Jersey and assumes that Assistant Director Skinner is again trying to get him out of the way. Scully offers to perform an autopsy on the dead man and finds a rather large fluke worm attached to the his liver. As the investigation continues, Mulder discovers a human-like creature in the sewer system and Scully believes it is trying to reproduce by finding human hosts. Mulder is also receiving cryptic phone calls from someone stating that he has a friend in the FBI.

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The X-Files S02E02 The Host (23.09.1994)