South Park

S04E04 Quintuplets 2000


South Park S04E04 Quintuplets 2000 (26.04.2000)
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Eliza Schneider
iMDB Rating7.5 / 10


After seeing a troupe of Romanian quintuplet acrobats perform at Cirque de Cheville, the boys decide to form a circus troupe of their own. That night, however, the five girls and their grandmother sneak out of the circus and end up at Stan's house hoping to defect to the United States. After the girls' grandmother dies (following a night of heavy romance with Stan's grandfather), the boys convince them to stay in America while the Romanian government pressures the US to send them back. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to become a singer for the circus and ends up traveling to Romania as a musical sensation.

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South Park S04E04 Quintuplets 2000 (26.04.2000)