The Simpsons

S03E14 Lisa the Greek


The Simpsons S03E14 Lisa the Greek (23.01.1992)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


Lisa wants to spend some quality time with her father on a Sunday afternoon, but Homer is only annoyed since he is watching football (and losing money from his poorly placed bets). When a 1-900 football hotline and other resources don't work out, a desperate Homer asks Lisa for whom she thinks will win the next game. Lisa's pick turns out to be right, and Homer invites her to spend time with her on the next Sunday. Lisa's prognostic skills help Homer win a fortune from Moe in a clandestine betting pool (which Moe runs under Chief Wiggum's nose), but soon "Daddy-Daughter Day" may come to an end with Super Bowl Sunday, especially when Homer thoughtlessly plans a bowling outing with Barney on the Sunday after the Super Bowl. Lisa is crushed (and Marge outraged) to learn that Homer only created "Daddy-Daughter Day" to help him gamble, and a remorseful Homer tries to beg Lisa for forgiveness any way he can. Lisa makes the prediction that if Washington were to win the Super Bowl, she'd ...

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The Simpsons S03E14 Lisa the Greek (23.01.1992)