The Simpsons

S09E09 Realty Bites


The Simpsons S09E09 Realty Bites (07.12.1997)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating7.6 / 10


Marge gets a job with Lionel Hutz as a real estate agent but she is so honest in her opinions of the properties that she fails to sell a single house and Hutz tells her she will be fired unless she can make a sale. She succeeds in selling a house which was once the scene of a brutal murder to Ned and Maude Flanders but feels guilty about it and tries to talk them out of the sale. However the house gets destroyed in a police chase and Marge,having handed back the Flanders's money,gets the sack.

Ver Online #S1S2

The Simpsons S09E09 Realty Bites (07.12.1997)