The Simpsons

S08E01 Treehouse of Horror VII


The Simpsons S08E01 Treehouse of Horror VII (27.10.1996)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


In "The Thing and I," Bart hears something in the attic one night and his parents tell him that it's his conjoined twin brother, Hugo. Hibbert then reveals that there was an irregularity when he was born and one of the twins was pure evil. Marge and Homer then locked Hugo in the attic and fed him a bucket of fish heads once a week. When Hugo tries to sew him and Bart back together, but Hibbert reveals that Bart was always the evil twin. In "The Genesis Tub," Lisa accidentally creates a rapidly evolving universe in a small tub. This new race calls Lisa a God and Bart the Devil after he attacks. Lisa is brought down to the race's size and is therefore unable to help her people. In "Citizen Kang," Kang and Kodos abduct Homer and tells the aliens of a presidential election after being asked for their leader. The aliens then steal the identity of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole to be elected and take over Earth. Homer tries to get the real guys back, but accidentally kills them. When he gets ...

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The Simpsons S08E01 Treehouse of Horror VII (27.10.1996)