Family Guy

S05E01 Stewie Loves Lois


Family Guy S05E01 Stewie Loves Lois (10.09.2006)
Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


Stewie suddenly begins to appreciate everything his mother does for him and feels deeply affected to her. Lois is content at first, but as Stewie's affection grows close to manic - with Stewie being on her back 24/7 and threatening Brian to stop hitting on her - she becomes worn out. Meanwhile, Peter goes to see his doctor to get a flu vaccine because of a current wave of infections. While there, his doctor finds out Peter has never had a prostrate exam, so he recommends his to perform one. Peter agrees, not knowing how it works and feeling raped when his doctor tries to examine him. When he finds out all his friends have had the same experience, he decides to sue his doctor for rape.

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Family Guy S05E01 Stewie Loves Lois (10.09.2006)