The Simpsons

S18E05 G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)


The Simpsons S18E05 G.I. (Annoyed Grunt) (12.11.2006)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating6.8 / 10


After Bart has been seduced by a violent army recruitment video into pre-enrolling when he leaves school,Marge sends Homer to the army base to sort things out but he ends up enlisting himself. Too stupid for frontline infantry he has to play the part of a fugitive enemy in a destructive manoeuvre which severely damages the town as a gung-ho army colonel orders his capture and hunts him down. Fortunately Marge has a plan to beat the colonel at his own (war) game.

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The Simpsons S18E05 G.I. (Annoyed Grunt) (12.11.2006)