The Simpsons

S18E06 Moe'N'a Lisa


The Simpsons S18E06 Moe'N'a Lisa (19.11.2006)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating6.8 / 10


Seizing on a depressed Moe as the subject of her school project Fascinating Springfielders,Lisa unlocks his interest in poetry and,largely through her efforts as opposed to his,gets him accepted as a bright new literary talent,accompanying him to a writers' convention where his poetry is feted by top authors. Unfortunately he is all too happy to take sole credit for the work though he eventually relents and makes a public apology to Lisa - although by this time Homer has planned to pour treacle on him in revenge.

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The Simpsons S18E06 Moe'N'a Lisa (19.11.2006)