The Simpsons

S18E16 Homerazzi


The Simpsons S18E16 Homerazzi (25.03.2007)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating7.1 / 10


Marge is convinced that the house is fire-prone, so she buys a fireproof safe. Each member of the family (except for Maggie) gets to put one thing in the safe. This only makes things worse when a fire starts inside the safe and the family album ends up in flames. Lisa then gives Marge the idea to retake the photos. In one of the photos, a celebrity scandal is revealed. Homer submits the photo to a magazine company and he gets the opportunity to become a paparazzi. The number of scandals he reveals drives the celebrities to the point of wanting revenge. The hire a paparazzi to do this and Homer's scandals are revealed. Eventually, Homer crashes a celebrity party and takes humiliating pictures of anyone. He decides not to show anyone the pictures in exchange for the celebs trying to be regular people. A deal is struck.

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The Simpsons S18E16 Homerazzi (25.03.2007)