Criminal Minds

S02E12 Profiler, Profiled


Criminal Minds S02E12 Profiler, Profiled (13.12.2006)
Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster
iMDB Rating6.8 / 10


When Derek Morgan visits his mother in Chicago, he always visits the grave of a teenager whose corpse he found at age 13. This time he's arrested by detective Stan Gordinski, as a suspected serial killer, blamed for the death of several other teenage boys, none of whom were ever identified, embarrassingly based on a profile Jason wrote without knowing the details. The team is baffled. Derek has a whole past he hid from them, including a gang-related juvenile criminal record expunged by a judge at the recommendation of the highly respected local youth center director Buford, who inspired his - also previously unmentioned - career as a college football-scholarship student until he had a knee injury. Finally, an unlikely alternative suspect is shown to have his own, ongoing hidden past...

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Criminal Minds S02E12 Profiler, Profiled (13.12.2006)