The O.C.

S04E11 The Dream Lover


The O.C. S04E11 The Dream Lover (17.01.2007)
Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Ben McKenzie
iMDB Rating6.8 / 10


Kirsten must clean up after Julie when one of the men she hooked someone with has an unpleasant "medical condition." Meanwhile, Will Tutt introduces Kaitlin to his fellow school band members Lucy, Jane, and Rachel during a bake sale at Harbor High to raise money to get new uniforms. But Kaitlin does not get along at all with Will's band mates because of her cynicism and insensitivity. Ryan tries writing a love poem for Taylor when Henri-Michel announces that he plans on staying in Newport for a while. Also, Che arrives back in town and takes Seth on a 'spiritual retreat' in the hills for Seth to see his path on where he stands with Summer.

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The O.C. S04E11 The Dream Lover (17.01.2007)