Prison Break

S04E07 Five the Hard Way


Prison Break S04E07 Five the Hard Way (06.10.2008)
Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Michael Rapaport
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


Gretchen tortures T-Bag and asks about the Bird's Guide and Scylla. Meanwhile, the Agrishow executive Howard Scuderi travels with his wife and the fifth card to Las Vegas. General Krantz calls Wyatt and tells him that Don Self is the head of the snake that is threatening The Company, and he asks the killer to eliminate Self, simulating an accident. Trishanne calls Bellick and says that she has information about T-Bag, and requests the promised reward. Michael stays with Bellick and Mahone to chase T-Bag while the rest of the group travels to Las Vegas. Bellick calls Michael and tells him that Trishanne is requesting more money, and when he goes with Mahone to meet the receptionist, they are captured by T-Bag; however, Mahone escapes from the van. Michael is forced by T-Bag to work with the Bird's Guide, but the hidden Gretchen sees the GPS monitor around the ankle of Bellick. When Mahone arrives in the apartment tracking the equipment, he finds it empty and the monitors on the table; ...

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Prison Break S04E07 Five the Hard Way (06.10.2008)