Prison Break

S04E08 The Price


Prison Break S04E08 The Price (20.10.2008)
Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Michael Rapaport
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


Lincoln proposes to crash the General's car to copy the last card using the trick he did in 2001, in Chicago, to rob a wallet. Michael tells Sara that Gretchen is alive and dealing with Agent Self a partnership together with T-Bag. Sara is disturbed with the new partner and recalls the torture she was submitted to. Roland sends an untraceable message to Wyatt asking how much he would pay for Michael and Lincoln. Mr. Feng visits T-Bag in his office in Gate, but Gretchen negotiates Scylla for US$ 125 million, offering US$ 25 million to T-Bag. Lincoln plans the accident with Sucre while Lincoln and Michael rob an ambulance in a federal yard. Gretchen gives a message to Self inviting Sara to meet her in a motel room. Sara is worried about Michael's health. Roland tells Wyatt where Michael and Lincoln are, and the killer shoots Sucre. Michael presses Roland who denies being a rat. Self makes clear to Gretchen and T-Bag that they are worthless. T-Bag plots with Trishanne against Gretchen. ...

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Prison Break S04E08 The Price (20.10.2008)