S03E10 Dream a Little Dream of Me


Supernatural S03E10 Dream a Little Dream of Me (07.02.2008)
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Lauren Cohan
iMDB Rating8.6 / 10


Bobby Singer is attacked in Pittsburgh and is found in coma in his hotel room. Meanwhile Sam is upset with Dean's situation, drinking alone in a bar. When Dean arrives in the spot, he discusses with Sam, but they are informed by phone about the condition of Bobby. They head to the hospital where the doctor explains that he does not know the cause of Bobby's coma; therefore he does not know how to treat him. The Winchester brothers discover that Bobby was investigating the African dream root "Silene Capensis", the subject of Dr. Gregg's experiment who mysteriously died after a coma similar to Bobby's. Dean pretends to be a detective and interviews Dr. Gregg's assistant Maya Sanders and his former subject Jeremy Foster that had sleep disorder. Dean decides to call Bela to provide the African root to dream and help Bobby. The brothers drink the yellow tea and help Bobby to return; but the homicide sandman decides to chase them in their dreams.

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Supernatural S03E10 Dream a Little Dream of Me (07.02.2008)