CSI: Miami

S06E13 Raising Caine


CSI: Miami S06E13 Raising Caine (14.01.2008)
David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez
iMDB Rating7.6 / 10


Kyle Harmon's trial as accomplice in Kathleen Newberry's kidnapping is starting. Not only Horatio attends to support his son and file for custody, unexpectedly so does his long-absent mother, Julia Winston, whom Caine met while undercover. Julia is a suspect as junior business partner and heir of real estate billionaire Bill Winston, who was fatally shot in his office while signing papers which lawyer Larry Hopkins says he was waiting to collect. Fingerprints prove the suspicious presence of dodgy Rob Mason, actually an alias of Tim Gilbert. Kyle's trial is discontinued after Newberry goes missing, which Horatio suspects to be Julia's criminal doing, yet he accepts Kyle's choice to go with her.

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CSI: Miami S06E13 Raising Caine (14.01.2008)