The Simpsons

S19E16 Papa Don't Leech


The Simpsons S19E16 Papa Don't Leech (13.04.2008)
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
iMDB Rating6.0 / 10


The Simpsons take pity on former country singer Lurleen Lumpkin,who now owes fifty thousand dollars in taxes - thanks to grasping ex-husbands - and is reduced to working at Moe's. Marge discovers Lurleen's unhappiness is due to the father who abandoned her thirty years earlier and reunites them, Lurleen writing a song to celebrate the event. But Royce Lumpkin is still a bad lot who steals the song and tries to make money by passing it off as his own and selling it to the Dixie Chicks. Time for Marge to empower Lurleen and give her the confidence to stand up for herself and hit back at her cheating pappy.

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The Simpsons S19E16 Papa Don't Leech (13.04.2008)