S01E06 Man on the Street


Dollhouse S01E06 Man on the Street (20.03.2009)
Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz
iMDB Rating8.7 / 10


While a street reporter interviews random passersby about the urban legend of the Dollhouse, Ballard continues his obsessive quest for evidence of its existence, leading to an encounter with dot-com billionaire Joel Mynor, where he finally meets Echo face-to-face in her "programmed" state, and learns a little more about the Dollhouse clientèle. Meanwhile, it appears that Victor has been sexually abusing Sierra. DeWitt wants to have Victor sent to "the Attic", but Boyd suspects all may not be as it appears. Elsewhere, Ballard increasingly confides in his neighbor Mellie, and finally begins a romance with her, unaware that he may be putting her in danger by doing so. DeWitt decides to take more decisive action against the threat posed by Ballard - with unexpected consequences. And there are ominous hints that the Dollhouse may be much more than it appears.

Ver Online #S2S1

Dollhouse S01E06 Man on the Street (20.03.2009)