How I Met Your Mother

S04E11 Little Minnesota


How I Met Your Mother S04E11 Little Minnesota (15.12.2008)
Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


During this Christmas holiday season, Robin is feeling more homesick than usual. To help her feel better, Marshall takes her to his local bar, which is for people from and celebrates Marshall's home state of Minnesota. Marshall comes here himself whenever he is feeling homesick. Despite Robin not being from Minnesota and despite the bar patrons ridiculing Canadians, Robin tries to make the bar her own place, at the expense of Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted's younger sister Heather is coming for a visit with the thought of actually moving to New York to begin a career in finance. Heather has always been a bit flaky in Ted's eyes and he can't see her making this move. But what Ted is most afraid of if Heather moves to New York is Barney, who has always wanted to sleep with Heather despite never having met her. Upon her arrival, Heather asks Ted to co-sign an apartment lease, otherwise there is no way she can move to the city. Ted, believing that Heather is too irresponsible, declines her ...

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How I Met Your Mother S04E11 Little Minnesota (15.12.2008)