Gossip Girl

S02E18 The Age of Dissonance


Gossip Girl S02E18 The Age of Dissonance (16.03.2009)
Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley
iMDB Rating7.7 / 10


As Constance Billiard prepares for the annual school play of 'Age of Innocence' the frantic production threatens to break the whole school apart as, Dan continues to ignore Serena and continue his dirty tryst with Rachel Carr. When Blair learns that her acceptance into Yale went to Nelly, she suspects Serena of leaking info about her detention stint, while Serena blames Blair of babbling about her own problems. But the real culprit it Rachel who is seeking to get back at Blair for destroying her career. Rufus and Jenny learn about Dan's relationship with Rachel Carr and try to force him to end it. Nate becomes jealous when he thinks that Vanessa is flirting with the play director Julian, while it is Serena who has the crush and asks Vanessa for pointers Meanwhile, Chuck becomes more intrigued and frustrated as he tries to dig deeper into the mystery about his late father and what connections he had with the super-secret underground society which leads him to try to find the shadowy ...

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Gossip Girl S02E18 The Age of Dissonance (16.03.2009)