The Good Wife

S02E16 Great Firewall


The Good Wife S02E16 Great Firewall (01.03.2011)
Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, Archie Panjabi
iMDB Rating8.5 / 10


The firm takes on the case of a Chinese dissident who was imprisoned and tortured for 5 years after a US-based company gave Chinese government officials his IP address. Alicia gets upset when she finds out the real reason the firm is pursuing the case. Cary tells Kalinda that the State's Attorney is empaneling a grad jury to investigate her. The showdown with Derek Bonds is fast approaching with Diane and Will are still short a few votes. Diane remembers a couple of old partners who are still on the books and tries to get them to vote their way - but it's obvious they're going to have a high price. On the campaign trail, Eli is thrilled when Zach and Becca may have uncovered Glenn Child's own little nanny-gate.

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The Good Wife S02E16 Great Firewall (01.03.2011)