CSI: Miami

S08E23 Time Bomb


CSI: Miami S08E23 Time Bomb (17.05.2010)
David Caruso, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


Calleighly followed Delko to his meeting with Florida state attorney, Rebecca Nevins, in Asher Business park. Eric was far enough away to remain unharmed when Nevin's car explodes and kills her. He explains to Horatio he had discovered that besides the diamonds, the $500,000 of heroin confiscated in John 'Sully' Sullivan's 2006 Everson case, is missing from inventory. The cellphone-detonated ANFO fuel bomb was in a neighboring car that MPD-impounded after a 2008 bank robbery. It was requisitioned months ago by narcotics undercover detective Steven Carmichael to investigate lifer Tino Garvez, who claims he killed Carmichael. The bomb contained golf cart parts, trade mark of Nevins-deal-convicted repairman Drew Pollack. The bomb car GPS starts a series of cop incriminations with grim effects.

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CSI: Miami S08E23 Time Bomb (17.05.2010)