Hart of Dixie

S01E11 Hell's Belles


Hart of Dixie S01E11 Hell's Belles (23.01.2012)
Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Williams
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


George Tucker carefully planned to recent a supermarket chain from moving in and kill off Bluebell small businesses by convincing all surrounding owners to refuse allowing an access road, but overlooked the smallest patch. It belongs to Wade's deadbeat father 'Crazy' Earl Kinsella, who always sponges on his sons, but could become financially independent by selling. Even with wade's expert advice, the mayor finds returning to dating hard as Didi refuses to acknowledge that he isn't even interested, rather tells everyone he's taken by her, so Wade must coach getting rid of her too. Lemon, who presides, revives an old rule that allows all members a day of hazing, but Zoe is determined to stick it out even if it kills her. After Zoe finally discovers she has local family, including a living aunt, she learns having the legacy right to join the prestigious Dixie Belles society's local chapter.

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Hart of Dixie S01E11 Hell's Belles (23.01.2012)