The Secret Circle

S01E05 Slither


The Secret Circle S01E05 Slither (13.10.2011)
Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold
iMDB Rating8.5 / 10


The kids' covenant is promised a third family's book of shadows (grimoire) by Melissa, who abuses sexually satisfied lover Nick to help dig up a suitcase and liberate it from magic sealing (alas, containing more demons than the one already possessing her). As the kids find out so richly late, Cassie panics and gets her grandmother, who helps contain the other demons, but the already active one isn't vanquished. It manages to slip into another kid witch. The only way to deal with it is by drowning or fire, which the human host may survive or not, once identified (none other than Nick). Meanwhile Charles Meade and Dawn try to regain their powers but find their last magical crystal exhausted.

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The Secret Circle S01E05 Slither (13.10.2011)