S03E04 Episode #3.4


Misfits S03E04 Episode #3.4 (20.11.2011)
Joseph Gilgun, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha
iMDB Rating7.7 / 10


Elderly Jew Friedrich Hirsch travels back to 1930s Berlin to kill Hitler but fails and the Nazis use his mobile phone technology which alters history so Germany wins the war and present day Britain is under Nazi control, and none of the misfits know each other. Kelly and Simon are reluctant conscripts whilst Shaun, with Alisha, his unwilling girlfriend, is right hand man to odious Captain Smith. Seth, his ability to give and take super powers an asset to the Nazis, is imprisoned but Kelly and the other misfits spring him, leading to a shoot-out.

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Misfits S03E04 Episode #3.4 (20.11.2011)