Hawaii Five-0

S02E13 Ka Ho' Oponopono


Hawaii Five-0 S02E13 Ka Ho' Oponopono (02.01.2012)
Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


Physical therapist Greg Winter is appalled to find his teenage daughter Emily smothered to death with her own pillow at home. He refers the team to her teen lover, spoiled party animal Luke Preston, who is later found unconscious from a drug overdose at home. The team discovers Internet blackmail with candid video-cam sex pictures, traced to her best friend and the school headmaster, Rick Summers. As the killing is found professionally executed, the team identifies and concentrate on the hit-man, who is traced to a business and legal affair. Meanwhile Steve is torn between his loyalty to killer-targeted former SEALs commander Joe and his refusal to explain the truth about Yakuza Adam Noshimuri's father Hiro's alleged murder and the link to the mysterious Shelburn.

Ver Online #S1S2

Hawaii Five-0 S02E13 Ka Ho' Oponopono (02.01.2012)