S01E09 Game Day


Awake S01E09 Game Day (26.04.2012)
Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, Steve Harris
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


In both of Michael's realities, an L.A. university plays a football game against a Seattle rival: one team wins in one, the other team in the other. In the world with his wife, the movers are coming soon. Right after the football game, a belligerent young man rooting for Seattle is found murdered; his younger brother identifies the body and helps Michael find a suspect. In Michael's world with his son, someone torches the dry cleaning shop of a gambler heavily in debt; a woman dies in the fire. Michael suspects the gambler first then his bookie. Michael's son wants the truth from his girlfriend. One world illuminates the other.

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Awake S01E09 Game Day (26.04.2012)