NCIS: Los Angeles

S03E20 Patriot Acts


NCIS: Los Angeles S03E20 Patriot Acts (10.04.2012)
Chris O'Donnell, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


During the morning drivetime, after a chick rear-ends a pickup truck (while applying makeup), a bomb in the bed explodes, and the man in the truck runs away; the man, Knowles, is a Marine former second lieutenant with a medical discharge under honorable conditions; FBI agents bust Knowles; Granger wants Callen and company to find out why the team did not previously know about a terrorist plot in the LA area. Nate resurfaces and says that the FBI has it wrong; Kensi and Deeks check out a diner and a goth waitress; the Hoover in charge behaves in an arrogant and obnoxious way; Kensi and Deeks ride a pair of bikes; G uses a light touch with a lock, but a car explodes. Kensi and Deeks trace a cello, which causes G and Sam to check a bedroom, which contains clues, which enable the team to look further and to assemble the puzzle and to minimize the damage of the third bomb. The Hoover in charge eats crow, the bad guy stays in custody, and things begin to look better.

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NCIS: Los Angeles S03E20 Patriot Acts (10.04.2012)