Bob's Burgers

S02E01 The Belchies


Bob's Burgers S02E01 The Belchies (11.03.2012)
H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


The city is tearing down old Caffrey's Taffy Factory; it generates a lot of buzz. Zeke and Jimmy Jr. plan to be there, practicing wrestling moves, so Tina will be nearby. Teddy talks about his Uncle Paddy; he worked for Caffrey, who ran liquor during Prohibition and did not trust banks or greenbacks. Teddy draws a map shaped like a butt with 3 droppings; this is the supposed location of an elevator leading to tunnels. Teddy regales the kids with secret caves, G-Men, treasure, trip wires and taffy dummies. Treasure is a serious matter for Louise so she, Blabbermouth, Gene, Jimmy Jr., Zeke, Andy and Ollie explore the factory. Louise is really angry at Tina for inviting "dead weight." As Linda and Bob roll the dice, Louise finds the hidden elevator and with new friend, Taff, she goes for the gold. He ain't heavy, he's her dummy.

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Bob's Burgers S02E01 The Belchies (11.03.2012)